Lottery system for NFT Getart’s chance to buy Cryptopunks for less than 50$ understand

1 min readSep 17, 2021


Using a VRF system with Chainlink integration this week Our Marketplace Update with the implementation of Lottery systems for NFTs has been released.

How it works?

Imagine an NFT, let’s take as an example a CryptoPunks worth $100k, then just go to our Marketplace and click on Create NFT fill in all NFT data activate option Start a lottery enter the price of the Tickets that will be generated for the draw, in this example we will use CryptoPunks we will generate tickets worth $50 each ticket the more tickets purchased the greater the chance of winning.

Ticket value is defined by the owner of the NFT.

The draw is carried out using a chronometer system, at any time the owner wishes or when total sales are completed in this last option, any of the ticket holders can start the draw.

To ensure it is random and 100% secure, we use the VRF Chainlink system to bring greater security to every draw.

This is a great way to sell your NFTs and a great chance to buy such an expensive NFT using so little investment, just relying on luck.