How To Participate In Bounceswap Pool?How to add Token in Trust wallet/Metamask? Step by step Guide


Step 1- Open Your Trust Wallet App, click DApps

Step 2- Paste the bounceswap link

Step 3- Paste it and press ☑ in Keyboard

Step 4- Click this Icon

Step 5- Now click Smart Chain, This step is important or else you will get redirected to some other token pool

Step 6- If you see a page like this click Metamask, Yeah it may sound weird that using Trust wallet but clicking Metamask, but this is the solution

Step 7- Now Scroll down and enter the amount of BNB you would like to participate with, the hit GO then Approve Transaction. Thats it, after approving token will be sent to your address instantly

For Metamask Users-

Step 1-Click this

Step 2- Click Networks

Step 3-

Step 4- Enter this details and add

Step 5- Now Come back and click browser

Step 6- Paste the bounceswap URL

Step 7- Select Metamask

Step 8-

Step 9- Enter whatever amount of BNB you would like to participate with

Step 10-

Step 11- Confirm That’s It you will receive GAX token instantly

Adding GAX Token in Wallet

Trust Wallet Users-

Step1 — Click Receive

Step 2- Type GAX Here

Step 3- Now Click GAX logo it should then get added in your wallet

Metamask Users-

Step 1- Click Add tokens

Step 2- Paste Contract Address


it should automatically fill name and decimal if it doesn’t then manually enter them and click Add Token

Step 3- Thats It




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