Getart NFT implements Lottery and Staking in new update

Important updates for our community

Hi everyone, thank you for supporting us and making our community stronger every day.

Our system has undergone an update details below:

1- New NFT contracts were implemented

2- Our staking system is working go to this page to find out more

3- Our ChainLink Lottery System Is Online

Lottery is a type of auction where people buy tickets at the price defined by seller. One person can buy 1 or more tickets (as many as he wants). Once lottery is player the winner is randomly determined. The winner receives the NFT token. The seller receives cost of all tickets he sold minus commission fee (our usual 2.5%)

4- All data from the old NFTs were kept for the new ones

5- The history of all transactions was kept

6- All current sales and bids have been reset requiring you to put the items back on sale
more without the need to create them again on the Binance smart Chain network.

7- The frontend update will happen in the next few days to show 3D scenes.

8- Most of the updates were of complexity in smart contracts, in addition to Security Updates and
transaction fee prices.

9- We are negotiating a new listing soon.

10- The 19 NFTs of will be put up for Sale Tomorrow in Public Auction the total amount will be destined for the construction of the Game and will bring Exclusive benefits for all your teeth.

11- We have a Pool of 500K $GAX Tokens destined for nomination, for each friend that registers through your link and creates an NFT you receive 150 directly in your wallet

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Marketplace NFT

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