GETART Launches its Marketplace NFT platform and makes an exclusive partnership

After months of research and hard work, is ready to be launched this week, willing to play a significant role in worldwide artists’ recognition.

The digital era came with a lot of opportunities for creators but also with a lot of challenges. Now everybody has access to online courses for digital art, music, dance, and more. Therefore the competition got high.

Not just that, but the artists themselves aren’t rewarded as they deserve. A singe,”X” for example, gets less than 10% of their album sales. The rest of it goes to the marketing team, managers, editors, and so on. But it’s hard to make a name without such a team.

Therefore, when NFTs got into the market, a lot of artists thrived — selling their art pieces as decentralized unique tokens.

What is Getart? is an NFT marketplace, ready to be launched this week. The platform is going to accept any type of art — written, drawn, composed; the limit is yours.

The art pieces will be listed in five categories so that investors can easily find what they are interested about:

  • Art — meaning traditional and digital drawings, sculptures, or even cooking recipes;
  • Photography — whether they are done with a smartphone or with a cutting-edge camera;
  • Video — from vlogs and product ads,o short films worthy of Oscar;
  • Music — voice, instrumental, DJ work, you name it;
  • Books — drama, romance, comedy, mystery, fantasy — you set up the mood.

Exclusive partnership

To commemorate this launch, Getart has made an exclusive partnership with the BIT HERO NFT project team, making the first auction of its “Crypto Meme” series at the launch of the Marketplace platform — on 07/01/21.

The first two collectibles will only be one unit each, and other NFTs will be released once a week with crypto influencers — starting with @elonmusk and @APompiliano.

The auction of these two NFTs will last 7 days, and 10% of the sales will be donated to the global Medicine San Frontier program (, which helps thousands of people around the world.

Getart official website:

Bithero official website:







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